2015-08-06 11:32:10
New guide for MRC counselling staff
New guide for MRC counselling staff is available for download
2015-08-06 11:17:17
New internet guide with updated links to main destination countries
Updated internet guide with internet links to main destination countries (as of August 2015)
2013-01-31 11:36:00
Scholarships for Graduate Studies under FAO Scholarship Programme
A number of scholarships are available for graduate studies under the FAO Scholarship Programme.
2012-09-07 15:35:47
Changes in the Canadian Immigration Policy taking effect on January 2013
In August 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced some modifications to Canadian immigration policy targeting primarily the Federal Skilled Workers Class program (FSWC), as well as the creation of a distinct program for skilled tradespersons. These changes aim to make it easier for foreigners with a work permit to gain permanent residence as well.
2012-08-30 16:53:02
Skills Transfer Programmes and their Contribution to Development: 13-14 November 2012, Sarajevo
The two-day regional seminar in Sarajevo will aim to share and discuss best practices and lessons learned through case studies of skills transfer programmes, including the Temporary and Virtual Return component of the Migration for Development in the Western Balkans (MIDWEB) programme.
2012-06-15 15:52:30
Reintegration of skilled migrants discussed in Skopje
Skopje, 7th June 2012: A roundtable workshop was held in Skopje in partnership with Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative – Regional Centre (MARRI – RC) in order to share best practices and procedures for the successful reintegration of skilled migrants into countries of origin.
2012-05-10 12:12:11
Campaign: Information Right Now
Forum MNE, in cooperation with Department for Youth and Sport, launched an information campaign in Montenegro.
2012-05-02 15:19:56
IOM Trains Consular Staff in Montenegro on Migration Issues
Podgorica, 26th April 2012: As part of the Migration for Development in the Western Balkans (MIDWEB) project, IOM in Montenegro organized a two-day training on labour migration and migrant protection for personnel of the consular department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.
2012-04-24 17:32:03
Language and Specialist Courses in Germany
A number of specialist and language courses will be offered during the summer of 2012 under the DAAD Summer Academy. The courses are offered in a number of disciplines in designated academic and research institutions in Germany.
2012-04-04 20:10:34
Internship Programme of the German Business
Within the framework of the Internship Programme of the German Business, young graduates and students from the Western Balkans complete three to six months long internships in leading German companies and get an insight in German business culture.
2012-04-03 17:48:07
Modernization Program Slovensko 21 (Slovakia 21) – scholarships for the academic year 2012/2013
Within the Modernization Program Slovensko 21 (Slovakia 21) the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic offers the possibility of study in the Slovak Republic to graduates from secondary schools in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldavia, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Montenegro.
2012-03-28 10:34:12
Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts: Award of scholarships
The Bavarian State Ministry is supporting advanced students and young university graduates with scholarships to advance the internationalisation of its higher education landscape. These scholarships are generally awarded for 1 year or 1 semester, whereby the duration of funding can be extended by up to 3 years subject to appropriate performance. The amount of funding is decided in a case-by-case process and is based solely on the respective individual's need.
2012-03-26 18:22:38
National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic
The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic is intended to support mobility of foreign students, PhD students, university teachers and researchers to stay at Slovak universities and Slovak research organizations.
2012-03-23 10:13:41
Scholarships for Public International Law and Human Rights programme (LL.M)
The Riga Graduate School of Law announces scholarships for an LL.M degree in Public International Law and Human Rights funded by the Open Society Foundation (OSF). The purpose of these scholarships is to support students who have demonstrated academic excellence in law or a comparable field of study and have a demonstrated commitment to work in the field of public law, human rights, or public service.
2012-03-21 10:39:56
Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia: State scholarship programmes
The Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) wants to make it easier for foreign students to gain admission to its universities and assist them on their way to successful completion of a degree course. Since the success rate of foreign students is still below that of German students, the federal state also awards state scholarship programmes (Landesstipendienprogramme).
2012-03-19 10:19:31
Hungarian Scholarship Board Office - Call for Applications
Hungary through the Balassi Institute, the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office offers scholarships for foreign students and lecturers in higher education institutions as well as research fellows who intend to gain further professional experience in Hungarian higher education institutions or research institutes.
2012-03-16 11:37:18
Study in Finland - Scholarships of the Aalto University
Aalto University provides a wide range of Master's programmess which are taught entirely in English. These programmes are targeted for all nationalities. Aalto University offers also scholarships for non-EU/EEA-citizens in these programmes.
2012-03-14 08:57:15
DAAD Scholarships for Postgraduate Courses with Special Relevance to Developing Countries
From among the large number of postgraduate courses offered by German institutions of higher education, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports a carefully chosen selection of programmes which are of particular interest to junior executives from developing countries.
2012-03-12 08:39:57
Hanken International Master's Student Scholarship
Hanken School of Economics (Finland) offers a limited number of scholarships for international master's degree students.
2012-03-09 09:06:00
Ugo Irneri Scholarship for non Italian citizens coming from South, Central and Eastern European Countries
MIB School of Management of Trieste, Italy, is pleased to announce a competition for one scholarship for the master programme in insurance and risk management.
2012-03-07 08:53:51
Germany Scholarship
The Germany Scholarship is a programme that involves private sponsors such as from industry, the German federation, the institutions of higher education and students.
2012-03-05 15:45:53
Study in Norway - Quota Scheme
The Norwegian government provides scholarships for students from developing countries and countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through the Quota Scheme.
2012-03-02 10:03:45
Swiss Government Scholarships for Foreign Students for the Academic Year 2013-2014
Scholarships for postgraduate studies at one of Switzerland 10 universities, 2 federal institutes of technology or 7 universities of applied sciences.
2012-02-29 15:20:41
Scholarships for University Studies in Germany
The foundations closely linked to the five biggest parties in Germany, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, offer scholarships for international students to study in Germany.
2012-02-28 16:16:16
Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme for Young Researchers from the European Neighbourhood
Universities of the Coimbra Group offer short-term visits to young researchers from higher education institutions from countries in the European Neighbourhood. The main aim of this scholarship programme is to enable scholars to undertake research in which they are engaged in their home institution and to help them to establish academic and research contacts.
2012-02-24 10:32:27
Scholarships for International Students on Master's course in Estonia
The programme supports young people who wish to continue their studies on an international Master’s course at one of Estonia’s universities. It applies for Master’s courses that are officially accredited and taught exclusively in a language other than Estonian.
2012-02-22 09:57:42
OFID Scholarship Award 2012
OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) is pleased to announce that qualified applicants who have obtained or are on the verge of completing their undergraduate degree and who wish to study for a Master's degree are welcome to apply for the OFID Scholarship 2012. The OFID Scholarship will be awarded to support two students or candidates for Master’s degree studies.
2012-02-20 09:51:58
The Emile-Boutmy scholarship
Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy scholarship after the founder of Sciences Po (1871) in order to attract the very best international students from outside of the European Union. The Emile Boutmy Scholarship is awarded to top students whose profiles match the admissions priorities of Sciences Po and individual course requirements.
2012-02-17 10:14:33
COPERNICUS Scholarship Programme
COPERNICUS offers six to ten scholarships per semester for students from Central, East and Southeast Europe to study in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. The scholarship will be paid for approximately six months, the exact period depends on the start and end of the semester in the chosen university. After the semester recipients of the scholarship will do an internship in a company, a state office or an organization.
2012-02-13 09:24:16
EU post-graduate scholarships programme for Kosovo
The European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo and the Ministry for European Integration, announce the forthcoming opening of the 9th Round of applications to the Young Cell Scheme, the EU post-graduate scholarships programme for Kosovo, which is currently implemented by the British Council.
2012-02-12 18:22:35
Grant of the Province of Styria in Cooperation with the University of Graz – GO STYRIA
In cooperation with the University of Graz, the Province of Styria has been offering a new grant for outstanding students from South-Eastern European countries starting since winter semester 2007/08 – “Go Styria!”. In the winter semester 2012/2013 a total of 54 scholarship are available.
2012-02-09 10:24:26
DAAD/OSI – Programme Balkan
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) jointly run a scholarship programme for graduates from Non-EU-countries of the Balkan States. Scholarships are jointly awarded by the DAAD and OSI for study projects and doctorates carried out at German universities.
2012-02-09 09:15:38
Fellowship Programme at the University of Amsterdam
The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) is a highly selective scholarship for strongly motivated students with excellent study results. The application is open to international students enrolling in preselected master’s degree programmes at VU University starting September 2012, and international students enrolling in the bachelor’s degree programme International Business Administration, starting September 2012.
2012-02-07 11:53:19
University of Edinburgh Coca-Cola Scholarships
The University of Edinburgh and Coca-Cola offer a number of scholarships for undergraduate study in any subject offered by the University.
2012-02-03 15:26:29
Doctoral Programme at European University Institute
The European University Institute (EUI) prepares researchers for developing and defending a doctoral thesis. 160 research grants are awarded annually by the EU Member States and other European national authorities to successful candidates.
2012-01-26 17:26:25
The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships
The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships target highly-qualified students from a number of countries. About 120 scholarships will be awarded for studies in Sweden, starting in August 2012. Please note that in order to apply for a Swedish Institute Study scholarship the student must first be admitted to a Swedish university/university college.
2012-01-24 15:42:47
Graduate Global Lidership Fellowship
The Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships enable promising leaders from developing countries to pursue doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. The fellowships are to support international students showing outstanding leadership in humanitarian and development work in their home country. Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships thus open the way to a world-class graduate education for emerging scholars from countries with developing educational systems.
2012-01-17 14:52:48
Master in Public Policy at Hertie School of Governance
The European Union currently faces challenges that demand innovative governance concepts and a new quality of leadership. The Hertie School recognizes the role of young leaders in public policy responding to these challenges.
2012-01-05 14:59:42
International Masters in Russian, Central and East European Studies (IMRCEES),UK
The International Masters in Russian, Central and East European Studies (IMRCEES) offers you the unique opportunity to combine a year of study in Glasgow in the UK with a year studying overseas (in English) and leads to the award of a double degree. It is recognised by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course.
2011-12-08 17:09:54
Open Society Foundations/University of Oxford Scholarships
Eligible Countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo under UNSCR 1244, and Montenegro.
2011-12-04 16:12:22
Scholarships - Erasmus Mundus, Global Innovation Management
The MSc. in Global Innovation Management is a unique 2-year programme offered jointly by the University of Strathclyde (Scotland), Aalborg University (Denmark), Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) and, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) which enables graduates of first degrees in engineering, science and technology to successfully manage the innovation process across international boundaries.
2011-11-29 15:32:44
Scholarships for students from the Western Balkan countries
JoinEU-SEE is a scholarship scheme for academic exchange between EU and Western Balkan countries. The scholarships for undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral students and staff are financed by the European Commission.
2011-10-31 10:42:44
On 19-20 October 2011, IOM hosted a conference in Budapest on the issues of diaspora engagement and the return of human capital.
2011-09-08 14:08:34
Austria’s Red White Red Card
Austria is introducing a new criteria based immigration scheme: the Red-White-Red Card (RWR Card).
2011-07-18 10:31:41
New eligibility criteria for Canadian federal skilled worker applications in 2011
As of July 1, 2011, the eligibility criteria for Federal Skilled Worker applicants has changed.
2011-07-18 10:31:30
New Zealand in dire need of skilled migrants
Immigration is good for the New Zealand economy.
2011-07-18 10:31:19
Australia Launches New Points Test for Skilled Migrants
Change is on the way for the Skilled Migration Visas, with the largest overhaul since Australia first began its migration programme.
2011-07-18 10:31:02
Why coming to work in Sweden has never been easier
With falling unemployment in Sweden and with a large number of people born in the forties and fifties soon due to retire, many sectors are crying out for suitably qualified and experienced workers.
2011-07-18 10:05:30
Next set of changes to the UK student visa rules is announced
The next set of changes to the Immigration Rules affecting Tier 4 - the student tier - of the points-based system has been laid in the UK Parliament.
2011-07-13 16:15:23
Providing A Migration Information Service” Training for Migrant Service Centres Counsellors, 27-30 June 2011, Tirana, Albania
A group of 18 counsellors from the Migrant Service Centres (MSCs) in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo under UNSCR 1244, participated in a 4-day IOM regional training workshop on Providing a Migration Information Service, between 27-30 June in Tirana, Albania.
2010-09-16 10:44:07
The new “Skills and Talents” permit in France
“The skills and Talents” (“Compétences et Talents”) residency card, which has been introduced in France this year, allows to work in France in order to pursue a project in economic, intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian or athletic fields. In contrast to other types of the residence document, this type of permit is granted for three years with the possibility of extension.
2010-09-16 10:42:26
Canadian Federal Skilled Worker immigration program under review
On June 26, 2010, Canadian immigration procedures have changed to reduce a backlog in the applications to the Federal Skilled Worker immigration program.
2010-09-16 10:41:19
Studying and working in Germany - helpline
The Federal Employment Agency’s Central Placement Office (ZAV) is responsible for advising and placing job-seekers from abroad. The ZAV operates a helpline for initial inquiries about studying and working in Germany, which can be contacted at +49 228 713 1313. The helpline team is available Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 h and will gladly provide information materials.
2010-09-16 10:38:54
The UK: New versions of application forms and guidance for points-based system applicants
On 30 July 2010, the UK Border Agency published new versions of certain application forms under the points-based system: Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), Tier 1 (Investor), Tier 1 (Post-study work), Tier 2 (all categories), Tier 4 (Child), Tier 5 (Temporary worker), dependents of points-based system applicants and the Change of circumstances.
2010-09-16 10:36:52
New Procedures for Employment Permits for Doctors in Ireland
The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, the Department of Health and Children, the Health Service Executive and The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service have agreed revised arrangements regarding employment permits for non-EEA doctors who are recruited to the Irish Public Health Service. The arrangements will be subject to review in 12 months time.
2010-09-16 10:33:25
Skilled workers can learn Norwegian while finding employment
As of 1 January, 2010 all skilled workers in Norway, with or without a job offer, can be granted a residence permit for a total of one year to study Norwegian language. Skilled workers may be granted a residence permit to study Norwegian for a total of one year and during the mentioned period they are entitled to find employment in Norway.
2010-01-28 10:12:09
22 Jan 2010: Croatia and Serbia eligible for H-2A and H-2B non immigrant visa programs in the US
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano this week designated 11 new countries as eligible to participate in the H-2A and H-2B non immigrant visa programs, which allow U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary or seasonal jobs for which U.S. workers are not available.
2010-01-07 16:29:57
7th Jan 2010: Report on migration trends in the Western Balkans
Research Report “Labour Migration Patterns, Policies and Migration Propensity in the Western Balkans” has now been published.
2009-12-11 16:38:45
30/11/2009 Visa free travel for citizens of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia before Christmas
The EU decided today that the citizens of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia will be able to travel without visa to the Schengen area as of 19 December 2009.
2009-11-10 16:36:39
9 - 13 Nov 2009 - Final labour migration training course in Albania in progress
The final national-level training course on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM in cooperation with ILO, is being held in Tirana from 9 to 13 Nov 2009, with participation from policy makers, social partners and practitioners.
2009-11-10 16:35:04
2-6 Nov 2009 - Labour Migration training in Kosovo under UNSCR 1244
The training course on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM, was held in Prishtina from 2 to 6 Nov 2009, with participation from policy makers, social partners and practitioners.
2009-11-04 15:49:51
Labour migration training course in Bosnia & Herzegovina
The national-level training course on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM in cooperation with ILO, was held in Sarajevo from 26 to 30 October 2009, with participation from policy makers, social partners and practitioners.
2009-10-19 16:48:47
19/10/2009 Labour migration training course starts in Serbia
The fourth of the planned seven national-level training courses on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM in cooperation with ILO, is starting in Belgrade on Monday, 19th October 2009 and will last a week.
2009-10-19 16:46:53
29/09/2009 - Migrant Service Centre (Serbia) in the Nis City Hall
A round table on the project Capacity Building, Information and Awereness Raising towards Promoting Orderly Migration in the Western Balkans, was organised in the City Hall of Nis, Serbia with the aim of introducing possibilities and procedures in relation to work and education abroad as well as opportunities in Serbia after return.
2009-07-27 16:36:40
16/17 July 2009 – MSC on the EXIT 2009 music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia
Migrant Service Centre (MSC) in Belgrade was promoted at the international music festival EXIT 2009, which was held in Novi Sad from 9th to 12th July and had 180,000 visitors this year.
2009-06-24 09:52:29
Labour migration training course in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
The second of the planned seven national-level training courses on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM in cooperation with ILO, is starting in Skopje on Monday, 22nd June 2009.
2009-06-24 09:51:59
EU Blue Card for highly skilled foreign workers adopted
On 25th May, the European Council adopted a directive aimed at facilitating conditions of entry and residence in the EU of third-country citizens for the purpose of highly qualified employment.
2009-05-28 16:28:44
National training course on labour migration policy and practice begins in Croatia
The first of the planned seven national-level training courses on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM in cooperation with ILO, started in Zagreb, Croatia, on Monday, 25th May and will last a week.
2009-04-30 15:58:15
MSC on the “Career Days” Job Fair in Nis, Serbia
IOM Migration Service Center (MSC) in Belgrade and the project “Capacity Building, Information and Awareness Raising towards Promoting Orderly Migration in the Western Balkans” were promoted by IOM project staff at the counter of the National Employment Service with the aim to provide visitors with more information about the possibilities and procedures for working and studying abroad, as well as in Serbia upon return.
2009-04-24 16:14:27
Ireland revises the Green Card scheme
Ireland has modified the requirements for the workers seeking permits under the Green Card scheme.
2009-04-24 16:12:45
France: a new type of residence card
“The Skills and Talents” (“Compétences et Talents”) residence card, which has been introduced in France this year, allows to work in France in order to pursue a project in economic, intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian or athletic fields.
2009-04-24 16:10:36
The Netherlands launches a new Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Persons
Highly educated immigrants to The Netherlands, based on the points system, may obtain a one year work permit to search for a position of highly-skilled migrant.
2009-04-24 15:39:26
The UK: new application fees
The UK introduced new fees for applications for all categories of immigration documents.
2009-04-24 15:09:07
Changes to citizenship law in Canada
Canadian government adopted the law to amend the Citizenship Act which brings significant changes to the acquisition of citizenship.
2009-04-22 16:31:22
Belgrade MSC on the “Career Days” Job Fair
IOM Migration Service Center (MSC) in Belgrade and the project “Capacity Building, Information and Awareness Raising towards Promoting Orderly Migration in the Western Balkans” were promoted by IOM project staff at the counter of the National Employment Service with the aim to provide visitors with more information about the possibilities and procedures for working and studying abroad, as well as in Serbia upon return.
2009-03-03 14:13:13
The Workshop on Establishing Labour Migration Policies in Countries of Origin and Destination
...and International Collaboration in the Western Balkans was held on 9-10 February 2008 in Tirana, Albania.
2008-11-18 11:40:58
200,000 fewer jobs available for migrant workers under new rules
The number of jobs available to foreign workers through the shortage occupation route will be reduced, the Government announced today.
2008-11-18 11:31:53
Berlin to ease immigration
Berlin will ease immigration restrictions for educated workers in order to address skill shortages. However, unskilled laborers may face more hurdles
2008-11-18 11:20:40
Moving abroad with ease
EmigrationExpert was formed to offer a unique reference point on moving abroad with ease. provides information you need for your new life overseas, before you leave.
2008-07-14 16:22:51
Migration Service Centre presented to visitors of festival in Serbia
International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Serbia, in cooperation with the National Employment Service presented the project Migration Service Centre to the visitors of the eight international music festival EXIT, taking place in Novi Sad between 10th and 14th of July, 2008.
2008-06-20 11:39:52
Latest information on the occupations in shortage in the UK
For the 27 occupations mentioned on the occupations shortage list, employers in the UK do not have to carry out a recruitment search within the European Economic Area and can recruit from anywhere in the world.
2008-06-13 12:02:06
Guide to visas, work and residence permits in Croatia
The purpose of this brochure is to provide basic information on conditions for obtaining Croatian visa and residence permit and on employment of foreigners in Croatia.
2008-06-13 11:53:58
Migrant Service Centres network launch in Albania
17 June, Tirana – Inauguration of the Migrant Service Centers Network in Albania within the local structures of the National Employment Service
2008-06-13 11:50:45
Migrant Service Centres now operational
As of June 1st 2008, most Migrant Service Centres in the region opened their doors to persons seeking information on migration opportunities or exploring their option within their country of origin.
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