2008-06-20 11:39:52
Latest information on the occupations in shortage in the UK
For the 27 occupations mentioned on the occupations shortage list, employers in the UK do not have to carry out a recruitment search within the European Economic Area and can recruit from anywhere in the world.

From June 2008, the following occupations have been added to the national shortage occupation list for work permits:

• electricity generation engineers and
• high integrity pipe welders.

As a result of these changes, work permit applications for electricity generation engineers and high integrity pipe welders will no longer need to be subject to a full resident labour market test. The electricity generation engineer occupations relate only to the electricity generating industry. They are:

• mechanical engineer;
• senior project mechanical engineer;
• project mechanical engineer;
• electrical engineer;
• senior project electrical engineer;
• project electrical engineer;
• senior project civil engineer;
• project civil engineer;
• system health engineer (nuclear);
• design engineer (nuclear);
• work cycle planner (nuclear);
• shift or team leader;
• production controller;
• plant process engineer;
• network planners;
• network design engineers;
• senior project control and instrumentation engineer;
• project control and instrumentation engineer;
• senior project control engineer;
• central control room supervisor;
• assistant engineer (shift operations);
• performance engineer;
• system infrastructure engineer;
• assistant chemist;
• reactor physicist;
• assistant reactor physicist; and
• assistant physicist.

The following occupations have been removed from the list:

• CAA licensed aircraft engineers
• consultant posts in geriatric medicine and rehabilitation medicine.

which means, that all work permit applications received for the above posts on or after 18 July 2008 will now be subject to a full resident labour market test. Employers will be required to submit evidence that the posts have been advertised, with full details of people who applied and were interviewed, and why resident workers were not considered suitable. Work permits will still be issued for these occupations if, following advertising, an employer has found no suitably qualified resident candidate.

For the full shortage occupation list click here.


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