2009-04-24 16:10:36
The Netherlands launches a new Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Persons
Highly educated immigrants to The Netherlands, based on the points system, may obtain a one year work permit to search for a position of highly-skilled migrant.

As of January 1, 2009 the Netherlands introduced a new scheme of admission of the highly educated persons. A foreign national who has received education from one of 150 Top Universities (according to the officially recognized ranking) and applies from abroad qualifies for the permit to enter the Netherlands in order to search for a job as a highly-skilled migrant. In addition, a person who received Master’s degree or PhD from a recognized Dutch educational institution also qualifies for this scheme.

The foreign nationals will also be assessed according to the points-based system. The points are calculated based on educational background (25 for Master’s degree, 30 for a PhD), age (5 points for an applicant aged 21-40),  and performance indicators (5 points for study in The Netherlands, Dutch/English languages skills, diploma from a country-party to the Bologna Declaration).  A minimum score to be recognized as a highly-educated person is 35.

A foreign national, who falls into the mentioned scheme, obtains a work permit for “an orientation year”, which gives opportunity to work as an employer or an employee. As soon as a position, which qualifies as highly-skilled is found, the residence permit can be exchanged into a highly-skilled migrant residence permit.

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