2009-05-28 16:28:44
National training course on labour migration policy and practice begins in Croatia
The first of the planned seven national-level training courses on labour migration policy and practice, organised by IOM in cooperation with ILO, started in Zagreb, Croatia, on Monday, 25th May and will last a week.

The course targets policy makers, social partners and practitioners. It is based on the OSCE-IOM-ILO Handbook on Establishing Effective Labour Migration Policies in Countries of Origin and Destination and constitutes an integral part of the project Capacity Building, Information and Awareness Raising towards Promoting Orderly Migration in the Western Balkans, funded by the European Commission AENEAS 2006 programme and the governments of Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein.

This national training event is a follow-up to the Regional Workshop on Establishing Labour Migration Policies in Countries of Origin and Destination and International Collaboration in the Western Balkans held in Tirana, Albania on 9-10 February 2009. 

The event was inaugurated by Ms Gordana Valenta, Head of Sector for Administrative Affairs, Foreigners and Citizenship, Ministry of the Interior, Inspection and Administrative Affairs Directorate, Ms. Kristina Aleric, Head of Placement and ALMP Department, the Croatian Employment Service (CES), Ms Caroline Frieh-Chevalier, Twinning Coordinator and Home Affairs Task Manager, Delegation of the European Commission in Croatia and Ms Lovorka Marinovic, Head of IOM Office in Croatia.

The training sessions are delivered by IOM and ILO senior migration specialists. Additional modules are provided by experts from the German Federal Employment Service, University of Zagreb, Croatian Employment Service and Croatian Ministry of Interior.

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