2009-07-27 16:36:40
16/17 July 2009 – MSC on the EXIT 2009 music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia
Migrant Service Centre (MSC) in Belgrade was promoted at the international music festival EXIT 2009, which was held in Novi Sad from 9th to 12th July and had 180,000 visitors this year.

IOM mission to Serbia, in cooperation with the National Employment Service (NES) presented the service to visitors of the NES stand at the festival. Visitors could get leaflets and posters of the MSC as well as additional information on possibilities and procedures for working and studying abroad and in Serbia upon return, directly from IOM and NES staff. Visitors had also access to NES electronic databases, where they could get information about employment opportunities, vocational training and other useful information in the form of printed materials, workshops and educational quizzes.


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