2011-12-04 16:12:22
Scholarships - Erasmus Mundus, Global Innovation Management
The MSc. in Global Innovation Management is a unique 2-year programme offered jointly by the University of Strathclyde (Scotland), Aalborg University (Denmark), Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) and, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) which enables graduates of first degrees in engineering, science and technology to successfully manage the innovation process across international boundaries.

Students have the opportunity to study at two European Universities, with a third option for EU students and self-funded non-EU students to study in Australia in year 2. The programme's delivery over two years provides a greater depth of learning, more industrial engagement and a rich cultural experience. 

The programme starts in September of each year with a number of ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarships available for both Catagory A and Catagory B Students. The deadline for both Category A (non EU-students) and Category B (EU students) scholarship applications is 31st January 2012.

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