2012-02-09 10:24:26
DAAD/OSI – Programme Balkan
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) jointly run a scholarship programme for graduates from Non-EU-countries of the Balkan States. Scholarships are jointly awarded by the DAAD and OSI for study projects and doctorates carried out at German universities.

The programme aims to improve teaching and research in the humanities, sociology and social sciences in these countries and to create networks between academics from these regions as a basis for the independent development of further international contacts.

The maximum scholarship term for a Master's or Magister programme is two years, three years for a doctoral programme in Germany.

The scholarship installments are:

  • for students in Master or Magister courses: 750.- euros per month,
  • for doctoral students: 1.000.- euros per month.
  • The programme pays the travel costs for all participants and, where necessary and planned, the costs for language courses.
  • Doctoral students receive a return trip home after the second year.
  • Grant holders with children who are not yet of school age and who remained in the home country, can have a home visit trip of 3 weeks max. funded each year.
  • The programme does not provide for the payment of family allowances or supplements for spouses or children.
  • An orientation seminar is arranged for all participants as soon as the studies have begun in Germany. All participants in this programme each year once attend a mid-year conference jointly organised by the DAAD and the OSI as part of their training in Germany.
  • One tutor per group of more than 3 DAAD/OSI scholarship holders in a Master's or Magister programme is provided as a mentor.

The DAAD/OSI scholarship programme preferentially supports humanities, sociology and social sciences disciplines which are underrepresented in the participating countries. These include political science, sociology, international relations, law, economics, public administration, education management, public health and philosophy. In individual cases, funding may be available for applicants from other disciplines as long as these count as humanities and social sciences subjects.
Applications by candidates living abroad (for example, when currently studying in the EU) are not possible. Applicants must hold an academic degree (e.g. a Bachelor's degree) gained in the home country or in the Western Balkans.

For more information please visit the DAAD's website.


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