2012-02-12 18:22:35
Grant of the Province of Styria in Cooperation with the University of Graz – GO STYRIA
In cooperation with the University of Graz, the Province of Styria has been offering a new grant for outstanding students from South-Eastern European countries starting since winter semester 2007/08 – “Go Styria!”. In the winter semester 2012/2013 a total of 54 scholarship are available.

The scholarship program aims at students registered at universities in South-Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (F.Y.R.O.M.), Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova) and will allow them to follow their research / take courses during their stay as mobility students at the University of Graz in order to finish their degree at the home university after their return home. Students should at least in the 7th semester of a diploma programme or at least in the 2nd semester of a master's programme of a field of studies relevant to their stay abroad at their home university at the time of applying, or those who are already writing their master's or doctoral thesis. The selection of the grant holders takes place in a joint process of the Province of Styria and the University of Graz. The academic quality of the applicant is decisive for the success of the application. Depending upon the intended aim of the studies or research, proof of the command of German and/or English is to be provided.

The maximum length of time of financial aid for "Go Styria" is four months. Grant awards for shorter research stays are occasionally possible.

For more information please visit the university's website.

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