2012-02-17 10:14:33
COPERNICUS Scholarship Programme
COPERNICUS offers six to ten scholarships per semester for students from Central, East and Southeast Europe to study in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. The scholarship will be paid for approximately six months, the exact period depends on the start and end of the semester in the chosen university. After the semester recipients of the scholarship will do an internship in a company, a state office or an organization.

The deadlines for applications are
01.09. for the summer semester (starting 01.04.)
01.03. for the winter semester (starting 01.10.)

The universities offer a number of lectures and seminars. The scholarship recipients are free to choose their courses.

COPERNICUS will help the students finding an internship in Germany. Applications will be sent to the chosen company, state office or organization at the beginning of the semester. Usually these internships are not renumerated.

COPERNICUS will organize the student's accommodation during the length of the scholarship, either in a host family or in one of the university's dormitory.

COPERNICUS will cover the cost of living, i.e. the costs for the accommodation, food, health insurance, enrolment, and public transport. A monthly allowance of approximately 180 EUR is paid. Furthermore COPERNICUS will pay for the journey to Germany and back home as well as fees for the visa application.

For more information please visit COPERNICUS' website.


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