2012-02-24 10:32:27
Scholarships for International Students on Master's course in Estonia
The programme supports young people who wish to continue their studies on an international Master’s course at one of Estonia’s universities. It applies for Master’s courses that are officially accredited and taught exclusively in a language other than Estonian.

Who can apply for the scholarship?
You are eligible to apply if:

  • you reside in a country other than the Republic of Estonia;
  • during the preceding three years, you have not resided in Estonia for a total of more than one year;
  • you intend to study full-time and remain in Estonia during the entire period of studies from September to June

How much is the scholarship?
The stipend is 288 euros per month, which should help to cover your living costs during the academic year. The stipend will be paid from September to June.

Admission to Master's courses in Estonian universities
Candidates should apply directly to the university they want to attend.
There is an international relations office or a person responsible for international relations issues at every Estonian university that accepts international students. You should contact the office or the person in question well before you start your studies to find out about application procedures, accommodation and other essential information in detail.

For more information please visit the website Study in Estonia.


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